What are we doing?

SOAR has three main phases*:

  1. EXPLORE – Psychosocial and Lab-based assessments – We use one-on-one interviews to capture a past history of abuse, quantify brain injury severity, and explore mental health issues such as PTSD, depression, and anxiety. We also use a variety of lab-based tests gauge a variety of physiological and behavioural functions.
  2. EDUCATE – Education and Training – We use an integrated knowledge translation approach that ensures education and training tools are designed to ensure those who work with survivors of intimate partner violence have the knowledge and skills they need to support those who’ve suffered a traumatic brain injury. 
  3. EMPOWER – Community-based support network – We provide resources to service providers from the health care, brain injury support, and gender-based violence sectors. We also bring them together in a comprehensive effort to ensure women identified as having experienced an IPV-related brain injury get the help they need to move forward in healing.

* Our work is grounded in recognizing trauma, and its effects on survivors.